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Technology that rewards your effort
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We are a British blockchain technology company and the parent organisation of Opis Games, Opis Cloud and Opis Hub. Our focus is on developing computing, cloud and gaming applications that reward users for participation. We believe in rewards that match the effort, fulfilling our word and changing the world by example.

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Opis Cloud is an application which rewards people for helping to complete tasks with their mobile device whilst charging and idle. 

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Opis Games develops free play-to-earn games that allow people to play for points and digital assets that hold real-world value. 


In Q4 2022, Opis Games will launch their first product, OpiPets and in Q4 2022 Opis Cloud will release the Opis Cloud application.


We're developing environmentally friendly cloud computing solutions.


We utilise blockchain technology to reward everyone for their participation in our projects.


Our goal is for communities across the world to share in the growth and profit of Web 3.0


Play-to-earn (P2E) games allow people to earn cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as they play. OpiPets from Opis Games builds on the success of ever-popular P2E games by allowing players to participate in the game’s development and earn rewards without upfront fees. It’s our goal to create a blockchain gaming experience that is intrinsically enjoyable and rewarding—participation without technical or cost barriers.


Mobile Cloud Computing

Opis Cloud aims to develop a mobile phone-based decentralised supercomputer to support causes close to the hearts of our community members. Users will passively earn an income by using a small amount of their phone’s processing power to carry out calculations for various projects, such as space exploration, disease elimination, or other scientific or commercial tasks.

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