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About Us

Our History

opis team

We began by looking at the eco-problems that cloud computing faces with an appreciation for the positive impact it could have on the world as a technological advancement.  We realised we could deliver a more eco-friendly decentralised cloud with mobile technology, and use blockchain technology as an instrument to improve the lives of businesses and consumers networked to our Cloud. 

Our Vision

We strive to become the first zero-carbon peer-to-peer cloud computing network globally and provide play-to-earn games that allow people to play for something. 

We see an opportunity to alleviate the environmental concerns attached to blockchain technology and encourage the mass adoption of cryptocurrency around the globe.

We believe in rewards that match the efforts of our userbase, fulfilling our word and changing the world by example.

Opis Cloud Mission

We aim to enable people to earn passive income from their mobile devices whilst lowering the climate impact of cloud computing networks and improving their reliability through decentralisation.

By using mobile and blockchain technology, our goal is to help people put their idle phone processing time to good use by forming a global mobile cloud computing network at scale. 

We aim to achieve our goals by rewarding our members based on their contribution to the network and deploying it to support causes close to the hearts of our community members.

Opis Games Mission

We aim to develop play-to-earn games that allow users to earn cryptocurrency and own in game digital assets like NFTs. Our goal is for time spent on our games to result in something that holds real-world value. 


We are building a platform that allows our community of players to participate in game development and earn simply by playing, with no upfront fees.


We aim to deliver games that entertain and engage gamers, crypto & NFT enthusiasts—emphasising mechanics, artwork and story as well as our tokenomics. 


We will lower the barriers to adoption that currently prevent blockchain games from becoming mainstream.

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