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Ash Green School Needs Help


Join the growing list of support for Ash Green school after a devastating fire. There are many ways to help heal the damage.

Ash Green Primary School has received a large cash donation from the Community Foundation for Calderdale (CFFC). The CCFC have asked others to give what they can to help the school recover from the fire damage. They are not the only group to start a campaign. Many appeals have formed online, but the CFFC appeal has raised nearly £13,000 at the time of writing. Though Opis Group focuses globally, local affairs will always be at the company’s heart. We ask you to join us in donating to the cause. You can donate here.

The extent of the damage was to a block of four classrooms belonging to Year 3 to Year 6 at the school’s upper site. The damage left dozens of children unable to go to school the next day. Students all over the country have already struggled over the last couple of years as a result of Covid 19 with school’s experiencing temporary closure’s to lessen the spread. It’s even more unfortunate for Ash Green school’s affected students and faculty that this should happen, just when they were experiencing some normality. 

Money isn’t the only way to help; many resources have been offered, such as food, books, and time. Schools and businesses beyond the boundaries of Calderdale have organised collections and fundraising events. The West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service held a car wash on Sunday. Many other organisations have invited youngsters to join them in activities like the Holy Nativity Church in Mixenden. 

The Ash Green Headteacher, Mungo Shepphard, has assured all those concerned that the insurance company will cover the damage but that the donations given will help a great deal to “put smiles back on children’s faces”. A sentiment echoed by Invictus Wellbeing which offered counselling to the students to help them recover from the traumatic event.

Additional Fundraisers

In addition to the CFFC fundraiser, you can also donate through Anthony Martin’s GoFundMe which has collected £8,000 in generous donations.


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