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New Artists for Opis Group

New Artists for Opis Group. Picture depicting Andrea & Justina.

Opis Group has grown further by bringing in two artists to help subsidiary Opis Games create the in-game assets for OpiPets.

Opis Games are creating a free play to earn game called OpiPets. OpiPets is a game that incorporates thousands and thousands of items; cosmetics and battle, to complement the sixty-plus unique OpiPets in the game. And as such, we require many artists to produce characters and in-game assets. Recently, Opis Games took on two new artists; Matt and Oricha, and now they welcome Justina and Andreea to the team. 

New Artist: Justina

Justina, otherwise known as Fluffy Pumpkin, found inspiration and artistic fascination with the human anatomy, facial features, and feminine shape and form which became her main central point for her artwork. 

Most of her early work was in traditional media; ink, coloured pencils, acrylic and oil paints, and alcohol-based markers. However, to further develop her artistic style and skillset, her work became more digitalised, which helped to connect her two interests; art and gaming. 

Her passion for video games led her to collaborate with streamers and other online entertainers. She achieved a role as head of branding and design on an online community for female gaming enthusiasts, and became a promoted artist on various discord channels. 

Now, she has moved on to the next stage in her career; a member of the Opis Games art team where she gets to explore new anatomies and forms creating OpiPets. 

New Artist: Andreea

Andreea has always enjoyed art; drawing and creating things even from a young age. Art wasn’t always a job for her and still isn’t. It’s a way to relax. Previously after school and homework and now she does it for her job. 

She studied computer science for years after high school and gained programming skills. To take that further, she then moved on to study computer animation and VFX at Northumbria University. 

At university, she collaborated with other students on creating a game. This experience determined where she wanted her career to go. To realise this ambition, she studied concept art for games, and after succeeding, she landed a job at Opis Games to live her dream role. 


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