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Opis Games Expands Creative Team

Opis Games expands creative team. Picture depicting new illustrators.

At Opis Games we produce play-to-earn (P2E) games that reward people for their time and effort using cryptocurrency and NFTs. Our first project, OpiPets is due for full release in Q3 2022. In addition to the development team, we have expanded by forming an inhouse creative team.

Rafi Nizam

Rafi Nizam is a multi-disciplined creative consultant & media executive with over 20 years of experience in entertainment and technology. Rafi’s career began as an Art Director in advertising, which led to developing children’s shows at BBC, leading creative at Sony Pictures, then to NBCUniversal as Global Creative Director, where he subsequently assumed the role of Global VP Creative for Immersive Entertainment, championing innovation, narrative design and visual development with a focus on animation, virtual production, and XR.

Rafi joined OpiPets as our Head of Story and content creator, leading the team in developing storylines and lore for the OpiPets project. Part of his role will be producing videos and podcasts such as the Top 5 Myths about NFTs, (his first in a series) addressing issues and misconceptions with NFTs, cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. 

Matt Winterson

Matt is an Illustrator from the Northwest of England. He graduated from the University of Huddersfield with a degree in Illustration. Matt mainly creates artworks digitally in Photoshop or Procreate but also enjoys traditional methods such as Charcoal, Watercolour and Ink.  Matt has joined Opis Games as a graphic illustrator and has produced some wonderful concept art. He will work closely with Rafi Nizam, Head of Story, producing some comics to compliment the lore and storylines created and further work in the pipeline. 

Oricha Aliyu

Oricha Aliyu is a British-Nigerian Animator/Illustrator based in Manchester, England. He is proficient mainly in 2d animation, illustration, script-writing, intellectual property development and storyboard direction. In 2012, he directed the 2D animated short “Chicken Core – The Rise of Kings” which was showcased at Ted x VI that same year. In 2018 he received a Bachelors degree in Digital Animation and Illustration with First Class Honours from the University of Central Lancashire and Futureworks Media School. Oricha joins Opis Games as a graphic illustrator as part of our growing creative team for OpiPets. 

Lograv Games 

Lograv Fantasy Games is an amalgamation of the minds of narrative designers Logan Darkholme and Prav Makh. The pair have over 40 years of combined experience in worldbuilding and storytelling. 

Prav has honed his skills over many years of theatre training after co-founding the Grim North Theatre. He excels at character creation, development and interconnected story arcs. After thinking on his feet in a daunting career in the retail industry, Prav found his calling in the creative world after teaming up with long time friend Logan. Together they founded Lograv Fantasy Games. 

Logan’s forte lies in the creation of universes. From the laws that govern them to the myriad inhabitants and fictional histories that surround them. With a colourful career history, ranging from soldier to author, Logan brings his worlds to life using his many years of experience in the TTRPG industry.

Mark Cranston

Though Mark is predominantly part of the Opis Group marketing team, he has an amateur background in script & novel writing. He is enthusiastically helping the team with story and content creation. Mark has a master’s degree in Criminology and helps them conduct any necessary research and writing. 

Logic & IP Development

The team’s first duty was to create the logic that would govern the game, as well as create the world itself. Decisions made in this process will dictate all further development for storylines, characters and lore. The work began with a logic workshop with the development team, and has expanded significantly since.


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