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Opis Games Gets Creative


Opis Games workshop to discuss the logic of OpiPets and the Opiverse proves a huge success. Leaving the door open to exciting possibilities.

With OpiPets fully under development, Opis Games held a workshop to consider all the fundamental aspects of the logic within the game and future projects. It was a star-studded show of Opis Games’ logic and story creator, combined with the expertise of Rafi, of RafiAnimates, a veteran of story creation, and the LD3D team who specialise in world creations.

Much was discussed, much to the enjoyment of an additional workshop attendee, a member of the OpiPets development team. The Head of Creative was delighted to get involved with decisions that would firmly dictate all aspects of the game going forward, and potential future projects of Opis Games. 

“Everyone was very passionate in the workshop,” explained Mark, lore writer for Opis Games. “It was both brilliant and a bit of a hindrance at times, as we all had different ideas. But we hashed them out passionately, and I think we have some great stuff to work with now.”

No stone was left unturned. Everything from the discovery of the world in which OpiPets exists to its expansion possibilities. Every decision made would affect everyone involved with OpiPets and give clear and concise directions, especially for the art team. 

“It helped us immensely”, explained Joey, art coordinator at Opis Games. “We have some talented artists, but we had to conclude a specific style. We’ve got one now, and we’re getting some fascinating assets. We’ve all got our favourite OpiPets, and the variation is incredible.”

While it was important to develop a fundamental logic for all future projects, it was also essential to create a compelling storyline for the players. The knowledge and experience of Rafi of RafiAnimates, who has previously worked for companies such as Dreamworks, the BBC, and NBC Universal, were absolutely vital to the lore and logic. Rafi has agreed to stay on as a consultant to offer his guidance to the Opis Games creative team and the LD3D team.  

“I’m excited by this project,”  explained Rafi. “Their passion was evident to me as soon as the meeting began, and I found myself immersed in the Opiverse. Once you get involved, you just can’t stop.”

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