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Opis Group Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Opis Group Celebrates One Year Anniversary. Vince Howard of Opis Group

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Opis Group, the team travelled to London to sponsor and take part in an NFT event.

About the Event

Genesis was the first-ever Gamified Crypto event in London, hosted by Nickel Factory. It was an immersive experience in the Blockchain, Metaverse and Web 3 world with collaborative efforts from the hosts and sponsors. 

Opis Group Celebrates One Year Anniversary. Rafi Nizam.

Rafi Nizam with Rexie and Tigrent

It was a fantastic night with lots of wonderful speakers, including Vince Howard speaking on behalf of Opis Group. Listening to the positive reception of OpiPets from the vast numbers of people in attendance was a great way to celebrate the anniversary.

Opis Group Celebrates One Year Anniversary. Vince Howard giving talk for OpiPets.

Vince Howard, Marketing Director at Opis Group

The Year We’ve Had

We’ve come a long way since we started a year ago. Previously known as Opis Hub, and now called Opis Group with two subsidiary companies; Opis Cloud and Opis Games (OpiPets), the company has grown substantially.  On our anniversary, we look back at all the great memories and steps it took to get from where we started, to where we are now.

While initially Opis Hub was solely comprised of the Opis Cloud application, Opis Group is a company that looks for solutions in a much wider scope, using blockchain technology. The Cloud application looks to solve issues with the environmental problems of Cloud computing by offering a decentralised alternative. OpiPets looks to solve issues in the Play to Earn sphere by making it more accessible and more rewarding for its players.

The Road Ahead

Both subsidiaries have projects due for release in Q3 2022. The Opis Cloud application passively rewards people for completing tasks with their mobile device. OpiPets is a play to earn game that rewards players with cryptocurrency and the ability to create, battle, collect or sell their unique OpiPet NFTs.


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