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Solutions For You to Help & Earn

Solutions For You to Help & Earn. Picture depicting bankruptcy and energy prices.

Two of the biggest issues that many people face right now are financial struggles and environmental concerns. Opis Group provides solutions for you.

At Opis Group, we look for problems facing the world and try to find solutions. We then give you the opportunity to help fix those problems and reward you for doing it. It’s our hope that you can live a little bit more comfortably knowing you’re helping to make a difference and being rewarded for it. And, maybe even have a little fun along the way. 

Our projects follow the formula of X to earn using blockchain technology. Using this method instead of traditional methods of earning, you have more options available to you. Additionally, you are rewarded for your output. The value of your reward is tied to the performance of our tokens. This means that as we grow, you grow with us, rather than being left behind like in traditional ways to earn. 

Although we have many solutions planned for you to get involved with, here are the two due for release in Q3 2022. 

Help to Earn Solution

The Opis Cloud application facilitates helping scientific research. Once the application is downloaded, you can select which research you want to help with. When your mobile device is charging and idle, it will provide computation towards tasks for that research project. This could be anything from helping to map the universe to finding new proteins. 

In addition to helping with these tasks, the mobile device’s compute which you network will be provided to businesses to offset their carbon footprint. The eco-friendly decentralised cloud we provide is much better for the environment than the centralised data centres that many use. 

You are rewarded with our utility tokens based on your performance in completing tasks. Once you have connected a wallet to your account, you can withdraw any rewards. By helping scientific research, and the carbon footprint of businesses, you can earn cryptocurrency in a much more eco-friendly manner than other forms, such as mining.

Play to Earn Solution

A popular earning model in the gaming and crypto-sphere is play to earn. Instead of playing a game purely for fun, you can now earn crypto while you play and, in some cases, earn NFTs. These models give you more value for your time than traditional games. 

OpiPets is a free-to-play, play-to-earn pet battling economy game that rewards players with cryptocurrency and the ability to create, battle, collect or sell their unique OpiPet NFTs. Unlike many play to earn models, OpiPets focuses on making earning enjoyable by focusing on key elements of games that make them fun. 

Right now, many play-to-earn models are suffering from poor tokenomics and low rewards. OpiPets is a play to earn solution, focusing on in-game tokenomics and accessibility. As OpiPets is free to play, it’s accessible to more people than pay-to-play models. 

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