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Mobile Cloud Computing


When deployed correctly Blockchain technology has the potential to make the world more eco-friendly. The combined energy consumption by data centres across the world uses more electricity than the entire United Kingdom. Our solution is the Opis Cloud mobile application. By harnessing the spare processing capacity of existing personal smart devices, we can lessen the carbon footprint of cloud computing.

Decentralised Computing

The reliance on a single server leaves those dependent on it vulnerable. If it fails, all will be affected. Our cloud application solves this problem. It will be distributed across a global audience, meaning greater reliability than centralised systems.

Passive Income

Our application will be free to use and utilises only a small percentage of the mobile device’s CPU whilst it’s charging and idle. It allows people to earn cryptocurrency passively without hardware investment or high electrical costs.

Blockchain Gaming

Game Ownership

Traditionally large gaming companies and platforms retain all the value from their games. We believe that the people who are creating the value should profit from the upside.

Opis Games’ utilisation of blockchain technology enables players helping to make their games successful to share in the benefit of success.

Asset Ownership

Gamers spend a lot of time gaining points & in-game assets with no real-world value or ownership. 

Through OpiPets, Opis Games rewards players with cryptocurrency and the ability to sell their unique NFT OpiPet characters.

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